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How This Blog Freed My [Queer] Voice

Sunday, May 8, 2011 § 8

I started this blog last September, as an open assignment for English class.

At that point, I had been interested in the LGBTQ community for years, as I slowly came to the realization that I was a part of it. I was well informed on DADT, Proposition 8, and ENDA, to name just a few issues, and kept my ears perked when the topics of sexuality or gender identity came up among my family and friends. I had strong opinions on these issues, but my mouth was closed. I wasn’t comfortable sharing my views with my friends, family or the rest of the world; it was much easier to remain silent. My voice remained trapped in a gilded cage.

As I sat brainstorming a topic for my blog, there was only one that made me excited to write weekly posts. So, despite a few pangs of worry, I cracked that cage door open just a bit.

I hesitantly created this blog, and you (probably) know the rest. That gilded door swung open more and more. Since that first post in September, I’ve covered topics like the importance of the term “queer”,  the biblical argument against homosexuality, and the construct of gender as binary.

My voice was no longer locked away, hidden behind bars. It was out there for my friends, family, and the rest of the world to hear, and they began to listen. For this, I was glad, because the topics I wrote about aren’t just significant to me, but also to the LGBTQ community as a whole. I wrote, shared my voice, because I wanted to bring about change. I wanted to help people question their assumptions of heterosexism, and to challenge bullying when they see it. I wanted my readers to think about the world in a new way, to open their eyes a bit – and I think in that regard, I succeeded. Through this blog, I was able to open dialogues with my peers, parents, and even LGBTQ activists who I admire greatly, dialogues that would have formerly went unspoken. This blog has done more than just knock that door off of its hinges – it has acted as an extension of my voice, and from that, the change I advocate for in the world. With this blog, I began my career as an activist.

My voice has always been strong, but there was always an aspect of it that was hidden. My voice is many things. It’s intelligent, indignant, and critical, but it’s also queer. Through blogging, I’ve been able to embrace that part of my identity, and finally free my voice out of its cage.

Now, it’s May, and graduation is coming up fast. With it, will come summer, college, and the probable conclusion of this blog (or at least much less frequent updates).

So though this is somewhat of a good-bye post, it’s in no way a good-bye to my passion for LGBTQ equality, or my pride in who I am. This blog set my voice free, and it’s not going to be locked up again. You may not be able to hear it here quite so easily, but if you pop into Brown’s Queer Alliance, or read the Daily Herald, I think you’ll still be able to hear it pretty damn clearly.

And for that, I just wanted to say, to all my readers, a sincere, resounding thank-you.

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